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Bill Loch, a former Stiell employee, delves into the family history of Edwin James Stiell and the company he started in 1911 and charts the fortunes of the business through two world wars, a great depression and the long, slow decline of Scotland’s heavy industries.


Bill talks to former employees and customers and discovers how E.J. Stiell was able to escape the clutches of industrial decay to find new markets - and to build a bright new future in the closing decades of the last century.


We hope you enjoy our film.


Video Presentation

For well over a century, Scotland was the proud engine-room of the world. Coal was hewn from rich seams and iron and steel flowed from vast production plants.


Industrial giants emerged – and, in the back streets, an army of small businesses sprung up to look after their every need.


Men of Stiell is the story of one of these small companies – and the five men who guided it through ten decades of success.

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